What is CBD oil and why is it good for Parkinson’s?

What is CBD?

CBD, or medical marijuana, is all the rage these days. Just type it into YouTube and you’ll see the miraculous effects for yourself. Personally, I use CBD, or medical marijuana, successfully to (a)sleep, and (b) treat and prevent dystonia.

The human brain has receptors for the Endocannaboid system, which CBD or cannabadiol is a component of. There are hundreds of cannnabanoids in the marijuana plant, including THC, or the psychoactive part of the marijuana plant, the part that makes you high. Cannabanoids can reduce inflammation, calm spasms, treat nausea, reduce cramping, and many more uses.

Where do CBD’s come from?

CBD comes from marijuana or hemp plants.

There are marijuana plants, which CBD oil is derived from. Marijuana plants have been bred to have higher or lower ratios of THC to CBD. Most marijuana plants are bred to get you high, or have higher ratios of THC. Charlotte’s Web is an example of a plant that has been bred to have lower ratios of THC and high ratios of other CBD’s that have been proven to help epilepsy. This is the type of plant that is safe for even children to take. It does NOT make you high.

CBD is also derived from the hemp plant, which is a marijuana plant with all of the THC removed. To be considered hemp, the plant must contain less than .3% of THC.

For Parkinson’s, anecdotally CBD can help with sleep, dystonia, preventing tremors, helping with rigidity, pain relief, anti-anxiety, and more. But you don’t know if it works, or how it works on your symptoms, until you try it.

What form of CBD do you take? How much?

To clarify, I do not smoke marijuana.

To sleep, I take a tincture infused with CBD oil. It’s from IoVia, and I get it at a Dispensary on Colfax Avenue called GroundSwell. It’s like the Apple store of Dispensaries: clean, modern, everyone is super helpful and they don’t make me feel like a total rookie, or the oldest person in the room, which I am.

For dosages, you’ll want to experiment to find just the right dose for you. Consult your doctor. I have to say that, but if your doctor is like mine, they don’t prescribe it and will give you an earful of how not enough research has been done, so really, you’re on your own. 10-40 mg is gonerally the dose to stay within.

It takes about a month to build a “tolerance” to THC, so my dose might be different than your dose. The rule I’d stress is to start slowly. Nothing’s worse than taking too much, and realizing it too late. I used to take a high CBD blend – 200 or 500 mg, meaning that the entire bottle contains 475 mg of CBD and 25 mg of THC, and there are exactly 50 doses; Now I take a 1 to 1 ratio blend, or 1 mg of CBD for 1 mg of THC. Each bottle of IoVia comes with a pre-dosed dropper, so I know how much one dose is, and that one dose remains consistent whether it’s the beginning or the end of the bottle. I drop the tincture directly under my tongue, to let the CBD directly enter my bloodstream and bypass my digestive system.

To treat and prevent Dystonia, I use a transdermal cream on the legs. I don’t know why they work differently for me, but they do. The cream works immediately on my calves, and within about 20 minutes, my whole body relaxes. I use the 5/5 blend, or equal amounts of CBD to THC. Each bottle contains 30 1 gram doses. 1 pump equals 1 dose. I used to suffer from dystonia, where my right foot turns It use inward, making it impossible to walk. It used to happen 3 or 4 times a week, now it happens once a month   or lessl

Is CBD legal?

Marijuana is legal recreationally in Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington. Other states have laws that allow marijuana in certain medical circumstances. In states where recreational marijuana is legal, you must purchase it from a Dispensary.

Hemp plants, on the other hand, are legal in all 50 states.

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in states like Colorado, where marijuana is legal. And you CANNOT take marijuana across state lines. So in those cases, the best option is to take CBD derived from hemp. Like this CBD oil.

Does CBD need THC in order to work?


However, CBD oil works more efficiently with a little THC. It’s called the entourage effect, where all the endocannaboids work best when they’re all present, but they’re not required.

The way I understand it is that a little THC “wakes up” the system, and without it, you just need more CBD to work. And CBD actually slows down the absorption of THC.

Personally, the LAST thing I need is to be high. I don’t need to be any slower than I already am, and so ‘I want to have as much THC bred out as possible.

What’s so great about sublinguals?

To take a sublingual, you must hold the tincture under your tongue for at least one minute.  The blood vessels under the tongue can absorb cannabanoids,where they take effect immediately. If you swallow it too soon, it can be uneffective at worst, or diluted at best. Sublinguals are intended to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. They are designed to bypass the digestive system entirely, so it doesn’t matter whether you ate a burger for dinner, where the marijuana is slowed down by the protein, or a bowl of spaghetti, which digests more quickly.





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