My ongoing experience with energy healing

Eight years ago, when I was newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s, two things happened that would change the course of my life forever: first, I met a like-minded soul who viewed exercise as medicine. He had been diagnosed ten years before me and looked pretty great. I said, whatever he’s doing, I want to do it, too because he’s staying ahead of the curve. Second, several of us attended the “Recovery from Parkinson’s” conference in Santa Fe.

For 3 days, we heard story after story of people who had reversed or overcome their Parkinson’s symptoms. I attended sessions with a friend’s mom. We had virtually nothing in common, other than a Parkinson’s diagnosis, but we left each and every session exclaiming: “They were talking about ME! That story is the same as MY story!” We were convinced that we needed to spend the summer in Glenwood Springs to get equine therapy, (which,by the way, is wonderful and magical) that we needed to go to a sound healer (I spent $500 to spend half an hour with headphones on, listening to a refrigerator hum), that there is a “Parkinson’s personality” and more likely than not, the disease can be traced back to childhood trauma, and that we needed to find someone to prescribe low-dose naltrexone. The very last session, on the very last day, was QiGong Master Mingtong Gu. I left not knowing what exactly QiGong was, but that it made me happy, and that Mingtong Gu was the happiest person I have ever met, and Bianca Molle says she was cured of Parkinson’s through QiGong.

The bottom line is, people can reverse a myriad of symptoms, but they were all one-time things, they couldn’t be replicated. These people truly believed they had found the magic bullet.

Nine years in, I say- More power to them! No matter how diverse our symptoms are, recovery is possible. Energy healing, complementary therapies, whatever you choose to call it, there just might be something there.

A big part of this disease, after all, affects mood and cognition and other ‘non-motor’ symptoms, all of which are hugely affected by stress, and these therapies work at overcoming stress.

The Davis Phinney Foundation has a lot to say on the subject- here and here and you can even watch a video of Movement Disorders Specialist Dr. Benzi Kluger here.

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