Doesn’t it seem like everything written for Parkies is directed at the newly diagnosed? For those just starting out on the journey who need to research still?
There just don’t seem to be any voices for us middle-of-the road Parkies, who have had the disease too long to be considered “newly diagnosed” and not long enough to be considered “advanced stage.” Those of us whose Parkinson’s advanced gradually, and then suddenly.

My own experience is that I lived for a long time in the world of “This sucks a little bit,” where my kids didn’t believe I actually had Parkinson’s, to “Oh-Shit-ville” where my kids treat me with kid-gloves. And I went off the cliff suddenly, in a matter of a summer.

I was an Ambassador for the Davis Phinney Foundation, until I had two emergency surgeries back-to-back (not Parkinson’s related) and needed a full year to recover from those. I acted as a Guide for the Manual, Every Victory Counts, and strangers will recognize me from that. “You look so familiar. Have we met? Oh- I know- you’re from the Davis Phinney Manual – the woman who walks backwards around the park because of your dystonia.”
Yeah, that’s me.
I am a strong advocate for alternative therapies, including CBD oil. I am a distributor for CTFO CBD oils,¬† as recommended by Robert Rogers from Recovering from Parkinson’s, because they offer the lowest priced, highest quality CBD derived from hemp. And they offer a 60 day guarantee, even if you send the empty bottle back.¬† You don’t know how CBD oil might affect your symptoms until you try it!